Peter Longbody is an entrepreneur from Sheffield. He made his first £1000 on a train to London when he 'accidentally’ uncoupled the buffet car and sold sandwiches from his briefcase. 


He became a projectionist in Soho in the 1970's but was fired for splicing adverts to his catering company into the films. 


Peter spent a record £3 million (£2.4 billion in today's money) on creating the Sheffield Space Port but lost it all due to a council bylaw.


Rebranding himself as a New Age king of tech, Peter took his show ‘Sheffield Of Dreams’ to the Edinburgh Fringe under the guise of it being a comedy show. Many audience members walked out but those that stayed got to enjoy Peter's ideas for three new apps, all which unfortunately went unfunded. 


His first appearance on screens was the short lived web TV series 'Strip Advisor', short-lived because popular critics took aim at the focus on food and the constant interruptions by celebrity guests that weren’t edited out.


Returning to London, Peter went in a new direction and used his celebrity contacts to create a topical podcast series called 'The Week On Time'. 


Changing focus again, Peter tried to rebrand as a political commentator creating 'Brexit Through The Thrift Shop' to provide top tips for the upcoming social upheaval. 


Peter now lives in South London and is currently working out of his friend Tina’s cafe which will be documented in the forthcoming 'Tina and Peter' film due to be released later this year.  


As coronavirus descended over the country Peter made 'Coronavirus Top Tips' to help people get through the lockdown. Unfortunately, his idea of buying a paramedic uniform to break quarantine was met with widespread disapproval, ironically leading Peter to break his own lockdown in order to flee his home for a safe house. 


Peter Wishes you all well

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